Bobby Kasper: Time for lawmakers to get minimum-wage increase done

Bobby Kasper

Raising minimum wage to $9.50 per hour will improve the incomes of 357,000 working Minnesotans across the demographic spectrum. It would also improve the incomes of 202,000 working women. If we would have indexed Minnesota’s first minimum wage in 1973, $1.80 per hour, it would be approximately $9.50 today. Indexing minimum wage to $9.50 allows […]

Bernard Brommer: In minimum-wage debate, some myths just won’t go away


Legislation has been introduced that would provide a much needed increase in the minimum wage after many years of no action. The principal parties and the arguments have remained essentially the same since the inception of minimum-wage laws many decades ago. As we have learned over time, there are many myths that surround the debate, […]

Shar Knutson: It’s time for Senate to act on minimum wage


When the Minnesota Legislature reconvenes on February 25th, lawmakers will be greeted by hundreds of people from Labor, Faith, Non-Profit, and Community Groups calling on them to increase Minnesota’s minimum wage to at least $9.50 per hour. The hundreds of Minnesotans gathered at the Capitol will be there because of one underlying principle; nobody who […]

Josh Wise: Trade Promotion Authority puts U.S. on fast track to more job losses


When are Keith Ellison and Michele Bachmann on the same side of an issue? When it comes to standing up for separation of powers and Congress’ ability to oversee trade policy that has a massive effect on us as constituents. In separate letters released Nov. 13, Rep. Bachmann and all five Democratic house members from […]

Roy Magnuson: Brodrick brings the right blend of old school, new vision to school board

Incumbent school board member John Brodrick (right), with St. Paul Regional Labor Federation President Bobby Kasper, will be among the labor candidates seeking DFL endorsement June 8.

In the Kevin Bacon movie “Six Degrees of Separation,” the premise is that everybody on the planet is connectable to everyone else in six degrees or less. St. Paul Board of Education member John Brodrick’s world is the city of St. Paul, and St. Paul is smaller than the world, so Brodrick is disappointed if […]

Bobby Kasper: Support school levies on Nov. 5 ballot

Bobby Kasper

Garrison Keillor, the great Minnesota author and radio personality, put it best: “Nothing you do for children is ever wasted.” At the St. Paul Regional Labor Federation, we’re putting Keillor’s words into action, working in support of five levy referendums in East Metro suburbs that have been endorsed by our delegation of 100-plus local unions. […]

John Clay: $9.50 minimum wage lifts up women, children, people of color

John Clay is an economist for the JOBS NOW Coalition.

The Minnesota Legislature is expected to take up the $9.50 an hour minimum wage bill in the first weeks of the 2014 legislative session. Raising Minnesota’s minimum wage to $9.50 an hour would mean a raise for 360,000 working Minnesotans and significant gains in purchasing power for women and people of color, according to a […]

Letter to the Editor: State Fair trip provides another sign of postal privatization

The Minnesota State Fair’s on-site post office had a new look in 2013 (right), ditching the U.S. Postal Service logo present a year earlier – and stoking concerns about privatization of the postal service.

Our Minnesota State Fair prides itself in offering new things to be found on the fairgrounds each year. But this year, I found one of the State Fair’s new offerings distressing – and insulting – to me. I have regularly attended our “Great Minnesota Get-Together” since childhood, and for as long as I can remember […]

Bobby Kasper: On Labor Day, we recommit to keeping the American Dream alive

Bobby Kasper

Labor Day is an opportunity to celebrate the vital, incredible contributions Minnesota’s working people make every day to their workplaces, to the economy, to their families and to our communities. It is the one day of each year we collectively tip our cap to the working men and women who continue to build this nation […]

Harry Melander: Building builders, growing our economy


Drive to just about any region in our State. Look up or down, and you will see: “We are back.” You see new mining opportunities on the Iron Range and housing developments in our urban core. You see expansion of our medical center in Rochester and new investments in our regional transit system. All are […]


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