Photos: Workers keep up fight to #StopTPP


Workers haven’t given up the fight to stop the latest – and largest – free-trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. As diplomats from 12 Pacific Rim countries gathered in Atlanta yesterday for negotiations on the sprawling, NAFTA-style trade pact, fair-trade advocates across the country took to the streets, warning the public about what’s at stake in […]

Victory in New York strengthens workers’ resolve for $15 in Minneapolis

The Minneapolis Works Coalition rallies outside McDonald's in Dinkytown.

  Fast-food workers in New York state won their fight for $15 yesterday. Workers in Minneapolis intend to be next. “If New York can do it, then Minneapolis and Minnesota can do it,” Guillermo Lindsay, a McDonald’s worker and CTUL organizer, barked into a megaphone at a rally outside the Dinkytown McDonald’s yesterday. Fast-food workers, […]

Dems get an earful from seniors, workers during Minneapolis meetings

15Now Minnesota supporters rally outside the Hilton in Minneapolis during the DNC's meetings.

  As Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and other presidential hopefuls wooed party leaders in Minneapolis during the Democratic National Committee meetings last weekend, local worker and retiree groups mobilized inside and outside the event, looking to push their concerns to the forefront of the 2016 campaign. On Friday, activists with 15Now Minnesota rallied for a […]

Ellison joins home care worker on the job, reaffirms support of Fight for $15


Clara Nakumbe is fighting for $15 an hour, but the Minneapolis resident doesn’t work in a fast-food restaurant or behind the scenes at the airport. She works in her own home, providing round-the-clock care for her son Siran, who lives with a severe form of multiple sclerosis. It’s work that earns Nakumbe $11 per hour, […]

Union members join protest outside Walker’s St. Paul campaign stop

Operating Engineers Local 49 member Vahne Angelino (L) and her wife Melissa confront one of Scott Walker's supporters outside a campaign stop in St. Paul.

  Scott Walker’s knack for bringing people together was on full display in St. Paul last night. As the Wisconsin governor wooed local Republican lawmakers and raised funds for his presidential campaign inside O’Gara’s Bar & Grill, about 20 Building Trades union members and other protesters marched outside in a steady rain. Tempers flared briefly […]

Minnesota seniors to demand Democrats’ attention


Union retirees and other seniors plan to show up in force at an Aug. 29 meeting of the Democratic National Committee in Minneapolis and demand that party leaders do more to address older adults’ concerns. The Minnesota State Retiree Council, AFL-CIO, is urging seniors from across the region to attend the DNC Seniors Coordinating Council […]

St. Paul unions weigh support for campaign to pass citywide $15 minimum wage

AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler leads a discussion about the Raising Wages Agenda at the East Side Freedom Library in St. Paul.

  Backing the emergent campaign for a $15 minimum wage in St. Paul is the right thing to do, labor leaders said in a meeting with AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler last night. But as unions look to reverse the trend of declining density, joining the fight to raise wages is also about remaining relevant. “We […]

In new report, St. Paul teachers give ‘cookie-cutter’ policies a failing grade

Panelists at the SPFT event yesterday included (L to R) Michael Diedrich, Caitlin Reid, Zuki Ellis, Steve Marchese. SPFT political organizer Patrick Burke moderated.

  There is no one-size-fits-all solution for improving under-performing schools, according to a report issued yesterday by the St. Paul Federation of Teachers. To achieve lasting improvement, district leaders must engage a school’s surrounding community and address the unique, underlying challenges in students’ neighborhoods, homes and lives. That’s the conclusion policy researcher Michael Diedrich, author […]

Dayton, Ellison celebrate Medicare’s 50th birthday with Minnesota Nurses

Nurses celebrated Medicare's 50th birthday with PIE, symbolic of the union's call to "protect, invest and expand" the popular health care program.

  Medicare turned 50 years old yesterday, and Minnesota nurses celebrated by throwing President Lyndon B. Johnson’s landmark legislation a barbecue birthday bash in St. Paul. More than 100 million people are enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid, which provides health care to low-income Americans and also turned 50 yesterday. Together, the programs ensure seniors maintain […]

Workers to rally outside courthouse as AT&T sues to deny their sick pay

CWA Local 7250 members impacted by AT&T's sick-pay policy include Susan Anderson,

AT&T is challenging a new Minnesota law allowing workers to use paid sick time to care for family members. But as the Fortune 500 telecommunications company appears before a federal judge in Minneapolis on Friday, members of the Communications Workers of America will rally outside the courthouse with a simple message: AT&T is not above […]


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