Stamp Out Hunger with union-made products

Letter Carriers nationwide will help restock food shelves in their local communities May 13 during the annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive. It’s the largest one-day food drive in the country –and a shining example of the many ways union members give back to their communities every day.

So why not double the impact of your donation this year by filling the bag – or bags – left near your mailbox with union-made products?

The AFL-CIO’s Union Label and Service Trades Department has compiled a list of non-perishable foods packaged or processed by union members and widely available in Cub Foods, Rainbow, Lunds and Byerly’s, Cooper’s and other union grocery scores.

Here’s a sampling of the items:

• Soups & Sauces: Campbell’s, Marie Callender’s, College Inn, Healthy Choice, Hunt’s pizza sauce, Classico pasta sauces and Prego Italian sauces.

• Beverages: V-8, Gatorade and Arizona iced tea.

• Meals & Mixes: Chef Boyardee, Tuna/Chicken/Hamburger Helper, Suddenly Salad, Betty Crocker’s Specialty Potatoes, Kraft Mac and Cheese and Jell-O.

• Condiments: Heinz ketchup, Peter Pan peanut butter and Welch’s jams and jellies.

• Canned Goods: Roberts Shamrock corned meats, Kraft velveeta, Hunt’s tomatoes, Lucky Leaf applesauce, Musselman applesauce, Hanover beans, Honest John foods and Del Monte vegetables.

• Crackers & Cookies: Town House, Cheez-It, Keebler Graham Crackers, Zesta, Chips Deluxe, Pecan Sandies, Soft Batch, Rainbow Chips Deluxe and Barnum Animal Crackers.

• Cereal & Dry Goods: Bisquick, New World pasta, San Giorgio pasta, Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Golden Grahams, Kix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Betty Crocker pancake, cake, muffin and variety bar mixes.

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