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The Union Advocate accepts advertising that meets the standards set forth in the Saint Paul Regional Labor Federation Constitution. Typically, advertisers include union-friendly businesses, partner organizations and labor-endorsed political candidates. The Advocate offers a variety of advertising options, packages and rates.

For more information, download an advertising form, check out the “Advertising FAQ” below or call The Union Advocate at 651-222-3787, extension 112.

Union Advocate Advertising FAQs

Q: What is The St. Paul Union Advocate?

A: The Union Advocate newspaper is the official publication of the St. Paul Regional Labor Federation. It publishes 10 times per calendar year and is mailed directly into 38,000 union households in St. Paul and the East Metro.

Q: Who reads The Union Advocate?

A: Advocate readers span the range of union professions and trades – construction workers, teachers, government and university employees, assembly and factory workers, technicians, machinists, firefighters, hotel and restaurant employees, retail clerks, health-care workers, truck and bus drivers, postal workers, administrative staff, print and broadcast journalists, musicians and more.

Q: Why should I target advertising to union members?

A: United States Labor Department research shows that union workers’ wages are, on average, almost 30 percent higher than those of their non-union peers.

Q: Can anyone advertise in The Union Advocate?

A: Advertising policy is set by The Union Advocate Editorial Board, which will review any appeals of policy decisions. Advertising is not accepted from firms and individuals in a labor dispute or on a labor “unfair” list. Advertising by elected officials and candidates is reserved for those with the AFL-CIO endorsement for their current office or campaign, or for candidates seeking labor endorsement in a race in which no labor endorsement has been made. The Editorial Board has the right to reject any advertising it considers unacceptable.

Q: How much does it cost to advertise in The Union Advocate? Are there any discounts?

A: Complete rate information is available on the enclosed Advertising Order Form. Advertisers contracting for three or more issues may receive a 10 percent discount if they pay for all ads in advance or at the time of the first billing. Otherwise, they will be billed following each insertion. Rates are noncommissionable.

Q: Does The Union Advocate offer color advertising?

A: Yes. Limited spot color is available; requests should be made to the editor. Full-color ads also are available at an additional charge of 15 percent of the listed cost of the ad.

Q: Do I have to design my own ad?

A: No. Simple typesetting and design are included in The Advocate’s stated rates. Advertisers are encouraged, however, to submit camera-ready ads on a computer disc or by email as Adobe PDF, EPS, TIFF or Quark XPress files in Macintosh format. A high-quality printout also can be used.

Q: Does The Union Advocate offer classified advertising or inserts?

A: No. The Advocate does not publish classified ads and is unable to accommodate advertising inserts.

Q: Can I view a sample copy of The Union Advocate before I decide to advertise?

A: Absolutely! To get your copy, call Union Advocate Editor Michael Moore at 651-222-3787, extension 112. Or e-mail mmoore [at]

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