Put your holiday shopping dollars to work at Fair Trade Coalition gift sale

Holiday shopping season is right around the corner. Shoppers looking to give gifts but avoid products made in sweatshops should mark Dec. 2 on their calendars; that’s when the Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition will hold its annual Fair Trade/Union Made Holiday Sale.

The sale features products made by workers treated fairly and ethically by their employers or distributors, from artisan crafts from around the world to clothes made by union members right here in the U.S. Items for sale will be provided by Ten Thousand Villages and Union House, the all-American retailer based in Wyoming, Minn.

The sale will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Dec. 2 at the CWA Local 7200 Hall, 3521 E. Lake St., Minneapolis.

The holiday sale benefits the Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition, a nonprofit coalition of 50-plus faith, labor, environmental, family-farm, consumer and human rights groups, advocating for trade policy that promotes social and environmental justice.

“We know that workers across the globe get mutual benefit when they stand in solidarity for their rights, and this event is being held to promote the values of the movement for Global Solidarity,” coalition director Josh Wise said.

Entertainment and refreshments also will be provided. For more details contact Josh Wise at josh [at] citizenstrade [dot] org. Or call 952-828-5474.


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