UPDATED: Laborers plan Aug. 6 rally in support of striking Cretex workers

Members of Laborers Local 563 walk the picket line outside Cretex manufacturing in Shakopee.

Members of Laborers Local 563 walk the picket line outside Cretex manufacturing in Shakopee.

The union representing 38 workers on strike at the Cretex concrete plant in Shakopee will stage a public rally Aug. 6 at 10 a.m. on the picket line.

Elected officials from the state and local levels will join supporters from the labor community, putting pressure on the company to reach a settlement that would end the strike, which began June 19.

Laborers Local 563 will announce the “Stand Up for Cretex Workers Rally” in a press release tomorrow. Tim Mackey, the union’s business manager, said the demonstration is part of the local’s continued effort to increase public awareness of management’s “below-the-belt tactics.”

“We aren’t going to quit this fight,” said Mackey. “We are in this until our workers are satisfied with their benefits and the treatment they receive in the workplace.”

In negotiations with Local 563 members, Cretex has refused to budge from its proposal to quit making contributions to the local’s pension fund – a deal-breaker for workers, who say it amounts to a $4-per-hour cut in their wages.

The picket line outside Cretex is located at 7070 Cretex Ave. S, Shakopee. The facility is near Raceway Park.

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UPDATED 08/05/13 – Laborers Local 563 confirmed speakers at the Aug. 6 picket-line rally will include Laborers International Union President Terry O’Sullivan and the two highest-ranking members of the Minnesota Legislature, Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk and House Speaker Paul Thissen.

“These brave men and women, who are risking their jobs to protect the retirements that they have worked for their whole lives, are heroes to middle class families across America,” O’Sullivan said. “Our half million members want Local 563 workers and every working family throughout Minnesota to know we have your backs. Fair pay and a secure retirement for an honest day’s work has made our country great for generations. So I’ll be calling on Cretex to make things right this Tuesday, so that all of us can get back to work.”

Local 563 also unveiled a YouTube video previewing the stories striking workers will share with supporters at the rally. Watch the video below:


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