Writer takes aim at U.S. immigration policy

Something critical gets lost amid all the hysteria and bluster that passes for immigration policy debate in the U.S., according to prominent labor photojournalist David Bacon. That something, he said in a lecture April 12 in St. Paul, is this: “We’re talking about human beings.” If politicians really wanted to reform U.S. immigration policy, Bacon […]

On Tax Day, unions lead call for banks to pay their fair share

When it comes to avoiding taxes, Wells Fargo appears to know every loophole in the book. The banking giant has received nearly $18 billion in tax breaks over the last three years, including $681 million in federal tax refunds. Now, a growing number of people – those of us without access to offshore tax shelters […]

Trans-Pacific Partnership is the latest free-trade scheme

Editor’s Note: Josh Wise is director of the Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition, which advocates for trade policies that benefit working people and the environment. He wrote this “Labor Voices” column for the April 2012 Union Advocate. Those of you who fighting for good jobs know that so called “free trade agreements,” like NAFTA, have made […]

Workers stage solidarity demonstration outside Verizon Store in Roseville

Workers and their supporters from across the Twin Cities staged a demonstration outside the Verizon Store in Roseville today as part of the Communications Workers of America’s “Verizon National Day of Action.” The demonstration drew more than 30 people, who held signs and banners warning consumers about Verizon’s corporate greed. About 45,000 union members at […]

Rental-car workers at MSP airport vote to form a union

By a 3-to-1 margin, employees of GCA Services Group at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport voted yesterday in favor of forming a union. The 162 workers will be represented by Teamsters Local 120. GCA Services Group is a contractor that provides rental-car companies with services like shuttling, cleaning and detailing their rental vehicles. Yohannes Asfaw, a […]

Workers crowd State Capitol for first hearing on Right to Work

As state lawmakers at the Capitol held the session’s first hearing on a proposed Right to Work(RTW) constitutional amendment today, hundreds of workers from across the state – and across the political spectrum – demonstrated in opposition to the controversial measure, calling it unsafe, unfair and unnecessary for Minnesota. Spectator seating for the 8 a.m. […]

Talk to your friends about Right to Work

Editor’s Note: Bobby Kasper is president of the St. Paul Regional Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, which represents more than 100 local unions and their 50,000 members in Ramsey, Washington, Dakota and Chisago counties. The St. Paul RLF publishes The Union Advocate newspaper. Kasper wrote this “Labor Voices” column for the March 2012 Union Advocate. As union […]

We did it 40 years ago, and we can do it again

Editor’s Note: David Roe was elected president of the Minnesota AFL-CIO in October 1966 and served in that position until his retirement in December 1984. Prior to that, he served as president of the Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council and worked as representative for his own local union, Lathers Local 190. Roe wrote this […]