Legislative committee investigates higher levels of temp-agency employment

Minnesota’s economy continues to recover from the Great Recession, but an increasing number of workers are finding employment through temp agencies and subcontracting firms. That trend drew scrutiny from the Legislature’s Select Committee on Living Wage Jobs at a hearing Dec. 19 in St. Paul. Jobs in the economy’s “employment services” sector, which includes subcontractors […]

Report shows passenger service workers earn poverty-level wages at MSP Airport

As a military veteran with a college education, Darcy Landau is overqualified for his job as a wheelchair agent at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Earning wages of $7.25 per hour, Landau struggles to make monthly car payments, pay back his student loans and meet his basic needs. “If it weren’t for the VA,” Landau said, […]

Going against the grain, some small business owners back wage hike

Think the minimum-wage hike progressing through the Legislature is bad news for Minnesota’s small businesses? Think again. A survey released last week indicates strong support among small business owners nationwide for raising the federal minimum wage and adjusting it annually to account for inflation. Small business owners gathered at the Minnesota Capitol yesterday explained the […]