House votes to restore worker voice on the job

The PRO Act, which would strengthen protections for workers trying to form a union, is dead on arrival in the Senate.

Solidarity action targets Chipotle festival in Minneapolis

Chipotle claims its motto “food with integrity” applies throughout its supply chain. But workers who make burrito bowls at a plant outside Los Angeles say the company has turned a blind eye to their fight for respect and a voice on the job. The workers have been organizing with the United Steelworkers for over a […]

Fired after joining strike, four janitors suspect retaliation

  Four janitors with 8 years of experience cleaning car dealerships in Wayzata were fired June 9, the same day they joined a Twin Cities-wide strike for better wages and working conditions. Suspecting retaliation was the motive behind their release, the janitors and their supporters are pressuring the dealerships and their cleaning contractor, ROC Commercial […]

Protesters call on Walmart to stop targeting workers organizing for change

Gabriel Teneyuque was among 130 Walmart workers who went on strike in June. Sixty of the workers he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with during that strike have been fired or targeted for discipline by the company for speaking out. Yesterday, standing before a crowd of 50-plus protesters gathered outside the Midway Walmart in St. Paul, Teneyuque explained […]