Workers will protest archdiocese for dissolving Catholic Spirit union

Workers will rally outside the Cathedral of St. Paul on June 24, protesting the archbishop’s decision to strip 13 workers of their union rights.

The Twin Cities labor community will rally behind workers at The Catholic Spirit newspaper Sunday, protesting Archbishop John Nienstedt’s decision to strip 13 workers at the archdiocesan publication of their union rights.

The protest will begin at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, June 24, at the Cathedral of St. Paul. It is being organized by the St. Paul Regional Labor Federation and the Minnesota Newspaper Guild, which has represented workers at The Catholic Spirit since 1965.

Click here to view complete details of the protest.

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In an overhaul intended “to create a more integrated communications function,” the Archdiocesan Office of Communications will absorb The Catholic Spirit and some of its 13 workers at the end of this month – but not their union contract.

In negotiations, Guild members asked representatives of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, which publishes The Catholic Spirit, to continue recognition of their bargaining unit voluntarily. The archdiocese denied that request.

Workers say that decision ignores church teachings that address the value of labor unions and collective bargaining in a socially just workplace.

The Guild is asking supporters to contact Archbishop Nienstedt and ask him to respect The Catholic Spirit workers’ request to keep their union. To reach the archbishop, call (651) 291-4511, or fill out the e-mail form on the archbishop’s website.


  1. Andrew Kirsch says:

    I am very supportive of the union’s position in this case but it was a grave lapse in judgment to picket a House of God during worship services. I am a member of the Cathedral parish and was dumbfounded and insulted that my access to church was impeded in this fashion. Your beef is with the Archbishop and his offices are right across the street from the Cathedral at the Chancery. Please respect the distinction!

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